• How is Triple Mine different ?

    We are a miner-friendly company. You can start even when you only have a small number of coins. We also offer a competitive & transparent fee that is friendly for a smaller miner. Our company is also easily reachable & have the commitment to support the crypto-mining community.

  • How do I sign up at Triple Mine ?

    Simply go to our official website ( triplemine.net ) and follow the simple procedures. if you have not already done that, click ( triplemine.net/register ) .

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  • What coins does Triple Mine support ?

    At the moment we are supporting Ethereum. This list will grow as we support more coins.

  • What do I need to sign up ?

    You need an active email and a strong password. After confirming your email address, then you can deposit coins to start mining. We strongly suggest that you immediately get your account verified to enable withdrawals.